Offering Superior Powder Coating

Master Halco's Independence Industrial Aluminum Fencing products feature a powder coating that meets and exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications. Specifically, both our process and our powder exceed the AAMA 2604 specification by three times the typical requirement.

By comparison, the majority of aluminum fencing manufacturers only achieve AAMA 2603 specification. In addition, we met and exceeded 3,000+ hours of salt spray testing—double our competitor's testing.

AAMA 2604 specifies that the coating is designed for superior corrosion resistance outdoors with limited fade and weathering. AAMA 2604 coatings are formulated with superior durable polyester resins which provide good color and gloss retention.

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Quality control is the hallmark of our manufacturer's entire powder coating process—from the variety of testing performed at their on-site laboratory, the their innovative equipment designed just for products, to the high quality of their proprietary powder formulation—Master Halco is confident that quality is always at the forefront of what our manufacturer does.


To ensure consistency and quality in our powder coating process, our manufacturer created an internal laboratory to conduct regular system checks. These checks include:

  • AUTOMATED TITRATION TEST: Our titration test checks the Ph balance of the pretreatment chemicals. Because our manufacturer's titration process is fully automated, testing is constant and occurs throughout each production shift.
  • CURE OVEN TEMPERATURE TEST: During the curing stage, oven air temperatures are monitored by a data pack with heat sensors that moves through the oven and records temperature variances. Staff evaluate the data collected to ensure a consistent temperature profile is being maintained throughout the curing process.
  • POWDER COATING THICKNESS AND CROSSHATCH TESTING: The target range for powder thickness on parts coated at our manufacturer is 3 to 4 mils. Crosshatch testing is done several times each shift to check the adhesion of the powder on the aluminum parts.
  • MEK RUB TEST: The MEK Rub Test is a manual test conducted several times a day to make sure the cure is complete.
  • SALT SPRAY TEST: Our manufacturer conducts 3 salt spray tests each year (125 days for each test) to ensure that we meet and exceed the 3,000-hour requirement for AAMA 2604 specification.

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