The Independence Residential Aluminum Fencing line of Universal Spear Top panels are the modern day version of the classic spear style. Clean, sleek lines surround the traditional spear picket for a look that is stately, yet contemporary.

  • Available in all 3 grades (Independence Premium, Independence Plus and Independence)
  • Ranges in height from 3’ to 6’
  • Available in 6’ and 8’ widths
  • Most styles available in all 4 finishes (Black, Bronze, White and Matte Black)
  • Feature 3- and 4-rail styles and a modified 3-rail panel with a flush bottom rail

Universal Spear Top 3-Rail

3’, 4’ and 5’ Tall

Universal Spear Top 3-Rail (Flush Bottom)

42”, 4’, 54” and 5’ Tall

Universal Spear Top 4-Rail

6’ Tall

Independence Premium available in 3-Rail only

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